Funds Raised

Abheda Foundation is a non-profit Trust formed in 2012 by an ideal mix of philanthropist, IT professionals and banking expert. We believe in smoothing out differences in society through education. As for education, since there is a huge influx of first generation learners in India and less-than-effective teaching learning material for them - couple it with lesser teachers in quality and quantity - our emphasis is on digital education. We thus wish to serve the underprivileged section of India with appropriate digital contents.  

We have been offering Swami Vivekananda scholarship to meritorious yet financially challenged students since 2012. As many as 100 students had been given scholarship till date, and presently 55 students are part of Abheda family. We look after their well being and develop life skills in them by teaching English through two free apps developed by us - Abheda English and English CourseTutor. These apps are available on Google Play Store.

We had built and are running a model digital school Abheda eSchool at Jalangi, Murshidabad in West Bengal. We teach Abheda English and English CourseTutor there along with providing training on computer essentials, painting and music. The fully digitally equipped eSchool was built with donations received from well wishers of Abheda.